Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello, I am in Toulouse :)

Hello Family!

This week was pretty fun, we did a good amount of traveling and we got to work as well, so I am happy!

Tuesday - We spent about 6 hours doing training for the missionaries that got the mission 2 transfers ago, that we really cool. We help with the trainings but for the most part we just get to sit and eat up the spirit as President Murdock teaches. We went over the profile of what a missionary should be after 3 months in the field. It was a great review for me and I learned tons of new things that I need to be doing. I also got to meet a bunch of really cool missionaries. I love missionaries :)

Wednesday - We spent another 6 hours in training with President Murdock, it was great, I got to see Elder Bennallack and a bunch of missionaries from my zone when I was back in Aix. We also got to do an exchange with the Lyon zone leaders and that went really really well. I really enjoyed Lyon, I am excited to see Lyon when we move there in a couple months, I think that we will be opening up a new area, so that will be cool. the city was nice and the people that we met just had a really great attitude and they were pretty open to the gospel. I did an exchange with Elder Bishop, he is British and was in the MTC with me, he is super funny and we had a blast teaching and working together.

Thursday - We went to AIX EN PROVENCE!!!!!! I got to go back the best city ever, I got to see Robine, and Greg, Jolaine and Anais and Francoise and a bunch of young single adults that I loved when I was there. I also got the work with Elder Heywood, my old companion from Perigueux, that was rad! and I got to be with Elder Baret again! I have been so blessed to have the greatest companions on my mission, every single one of them is like a best friend, I really never had any conflicts with of my companions. I love them all!

Friday - We got back the Geneva, at about 4 after having been waiting in the train stations because of late trains. I lost my bag ( full of scriptures, camera and notebooks) and then went to the American store to buy a mountain dew so that I could drink down my sorrows with something strong, we then called up the train company and one of the conductors had found my bag and it was in a city like 45 minutes away. I WAS SO LUCKY!!! the office elders had called the train and saved my bag, so we then drove to the city called Bellegarde and they had my bag!!! it was great, then we went and got to do a little bit of work in our area.

Saturday -Went well, we got to see lots of less actives and amis, we had about 6 people lined up to come to church (the Gomez family, young couple with 2 really cool boys, the Loué family, less active sister with a non member husband and father, the Auberhard family, less active family with 2 kids not baptized, Soyrara, less active, but is have an interview with the stake president and is pretty much incredible and is going to the temple this year! and Aurore a less active that is also head to the temple!) It was a great day and we had been really blessed to have such good things after not being able to work in our area

Sunday - None of our amis came to church. lame. 3 of the less actives came, so that was really cool, and there were some members that had invited some friends that really loved church, we just got to talk with them and they are not going to be taught this week, but it is very possible that they are going to come next week!

Today - We woke up and did reports with president and then got on a flight to Toulouse! It was really cool to fly in to Toulouse again, I remembered all the feelings I had last time I flew into Toulouse. I have learned so so much since I got here, and it feels like it was yesterday. Today we are going to hit the stores and I think that I am going to get some good looking shoes and a new suit. Toulouse is full of some great missionaries as well and I am excited to be here!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! congrats to the Poulsens again! and welcome Jayne!

Elder Smith

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