Monday, January 23, 2012

Toulouse and Cupcakes!

Dear Family

This week was great, we spent about 3 days in Toulouse doing an exchange and doing a training for the new missionaries, it was great! I finally got to work in Toulouse, I have wanted to be transfered there since the very beginning of my mission because it was where I was called to serve. We saw miracles! While I was down in Toulouse we knocked some doors the night of P day and then we came back the next day and taught 2 families that we met, they were super super cool and then we went and taught a 1st lesson to another family that they had already contacted, in 1 day we found 3 familes, 2 familes of 2 and a family of 5! I also got see my trainer, elder.....I mean erwan magnan! that was weird, but great! he is like a brother to me, we laughed and laughed and he told me about life not as a missionary. We also went and did some shopping but i didn't buy anything.

We got back to Gex on thursday and we spent the entire weekend, knocking on doors and teaching people and meeting with members, it went pretty well, we started teaching a really cool man, he has his own construction company, his name is sylvain and is about 30. I hope to be able to see him, as well we did some pretty cool stuff with the ward, I wrote about it in a letter thing to president murdock so i will just copy and paste that

We are on the hunt for families! Like President has told us, there are multiple ways to find families, for example, finding by our own efforts, member and other referrals, potential families (students), and by completing part member or less active families. We set the goal to really use the members in finding families so we talked with our DMP to find out how we could help him and the ward missionaries find families that are in need of the gospel. We brainstormed a bit and we decided to do a cupcake activity last Sunday afternoon with all the ward missionaries. It was great! We announced at church that we were going to make cupcakes and take them to less active families and to our amis, and there were several members that came and talked to us and told us to go by certain less active families and even some of their non-member friends that were familiar with the church. We made the cupcakes at the bishop’s home with his family and the ward missionaries. It was a blast! As we made cupcakes we talked about their ideas for finding families, and about the missionary experiences that they had had. It lit a fire under the ward missionaries, and they kept adding people to the list of people to visit, after we split into 3 teams and in about 2 hours we passed by about 15 families/amis. We found 2 or 3 less active families with children that are not baptized but would like to come to youth activities, and we received some referrals as well. Afterward, the ward missionaries asked if we could do this same activity once a month because they had had so fun sharing the gospel and giving service. It strengthened our testimonies about the importance of using members and service. It was an afternoon filled with laughs and powerful gospel sharing moments.

Members want to share the gospel but sometimes they just don’t know how, so it is a blessing to be able to help them and it will help many find the truth and joy of the gospel.

So yeah, it was super fun and i hope that will be able to see some of the fruits of our ideas!

How are your amis doing? They are doing well, we have 3 straight weeks in our area now, so i hope that we will get to see them more and start getting people to church, that is own main thing, it has been about 3 months since they have seen amis at church here, so that is own main focus, because people can't get baptised if they don't come to church
Tell us a little more about your companion. Even though he has only been a member a short time does he have family support? His Family loves him and still supports him, he has a really cool family and they write him often and send stuff, so yeah
Are there any other members of his family that are members? Nope
If he is an American how come he can drive the car? Because the real problem is that I am from Utah, France only excepts Utah licences for 1 year, but he is from Arkansas so he can drive for as long as he wants
How often do you fly to meetings? Not that often maybe 1 or 2 times every 2 months, we flew this time because it was alot cheaper and faster, the train to Toulouse from Geneva takes like 5 hours and it would cost about 150 euros per person to go there and back and the plane took 50 minutes and it was 40 euros per person to there and back. The tickets were cheap because we reserved them in like december

have a great week!!!
Love Elder Smith

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