Monday, January 9, 2012


Matthew Smith

8:35 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

Is there much of an LDS presence there?
Yes it is a huge ward, there are about 150 active members, There is something like 35 returned missionaries. The church headquarters of France is in Thoiry and so we have lots people that work for the church. It is great! But there hasn't been baptisms for awhile, like 1 year! We are going to have to change that

How far away in KM?
About 25 kms

Are you driving?
No, my companion drives

Do you need us to do something toward an international driving document?
No we talked to the French National Secretary of Transportation, and I have no hopes of driving even with an international license

Fill us in on all the details of your new companion and assignment.

Do I remember right that Vanessa from Carcasonne eventually got baptized? . .
Yes, but she moved to reunion, it is a French island next to madagascar

. and that Vanessa from Nice has not [yet]?
Correct, but last week I sent the sister missionaries to go teach her (sister bartlome)

What ever happened to Sophie and Dominique and Robine's friend in Aix?
They were nice but lost interest and we slowly lost contact

is the ward/branch of the church in Perigeaux still progressing?
yes, they have seen some baptisms but I think it has slowed down a little bit

Did you have direct contact with Sister Bartlome as her zone leader?
Yes I called her often and I saw her 2 or 3 times a transfer, she was doing great and always had a smile, she is training now so I saw her last week when we sent off all the new missionaries

Any comment re: Anna McKay's impending assignment to France - Paris?
She is soooooooooooo lucky! I loved this country and I don’t think that she could have gotten called to a better place. She was spoke French really well, and I am sure that she is going to tear it up!

are you aware of travel plans and schedules into the future along with mission policies and preferences?
Yes you can come pick me up, just send an email ( to the office elders and they will tell you what to do, I know that you will have to contact the church office building so that they can organize the plane tickets for me. Normally the church will still pay for my ticket

So when did you find out that you were going to be an assistant?
The Friday befor transfers this was our conversation

Pres – hello elder smith how are you?
Me – good president, and you?
Pres – good, you are going to be the new assistant to the president. Ok?
Me – ok.
Pres – ok, see you Monday and don’t forget to clean you apartment. bye

How many assistants are there?


What is your address?
Elder Smith
8 Chemin William Barbey
1292-CH Chambesy

Elder Smith

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