Monday, May 28, 2012


Bonjour! About 2 weeks ago in order to have an amie participate more in our teachings we had the idea to invite her to teach us a portion of our lesson rather than just us doing all the teaching. We invited her to teach us the 10 commandments with the help of her member friend, she did and it went really well. She became much more comfortable during our teachings. This past week we had invited her to watch the restoration with her friend and we told her that we would be discussing that during our upcoming lesson. We arrived and taught and explained the importance of a living prophet and answered her questions. It was a fairly good teaching which helped her but there was nothing extraordinary with the lesson. She then asked us if she could teach us something that she had prepared. We were of course were delighted and said yes. She had us open to Joseph Smith History 1:15-20. All we did was read and she explained what Joseph Smith had experienced and how he had been called as a prophet. This spirit was strong as she simply re-told us his story. She explained that God had spoken to Joseph because the truth was no longer on the earth, and in all essence she testified to us that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. When she finished, we asked her why she had wanted to share that with us and she said because she had been touched in her heart while she was watching the film and she knew that it would make us happy. She was right. It is such a wonderful blessing to see others come unto the knowledge of the restored truth and we saw how natural it was to share that knowledge when we have been taught by the spirit. Our amie was a great example to us to always be willing to share that which has touched our hearts with simplicity and sincerity Monday- Traveled to Toulouse Tuesday- Toulouse for a new missionary training, LOVED IT! So many great missionaries and a great city Wednesday-Aix-en-Provence!! I saw Greg and Fabrice (Elder Baret) during lunch at Zone Conference. I also said goodbye to Elder Duncan and Harris Thursday- Lyon, Zone Conference with 4 fellow Davis Darts, it was great and we had a wonderful time. Friday- Geneva, Worked on zone conference stuff and then went and taught Leila, it was sooo good, ( see story above) Saturday-Painted at the family serranos home, you will meet them when you come pick me up Sunday-Church, did a cookies pass activity with the ward too our amis and some less actives and taught Leila again, it was a powerful teaching about the nature of God, she has muslim backgrounds and so we taught alot about who God is and our relationship with him, She is really starting to understand the plan of salvation. Q&A Where are you living? in the mission home, but we move to Lyon tomorrow and then we are doing a little bit of living out of suitcases for a week and a half. Are you still in Gex? yes, Anai is getting baptised this weekend and then we will leave. SOOOO COOL! With the mission office in Lyon are you moving there soon? yes :) Where are you this week? Yverdon ( en suisse), Lyon, Gex Love you! Elder Smith

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