Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'll go where you want me to go

Dear Family Since I last wrote you we have started the transfer and have been preparing for Zone Leader council. Today we will be down in Lyon doing that and then we will hopefully get into our area by Wednesday. I don't have tons of time so I am just going to copy and paste the message that we send out to the mission every week for you. Before we began our weekly planning session this week our District Leader invited us to do the last companionship study activity in chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel. In doing this activity we read this quote by Brigham Young that caught our attention. "Ask [God] to put you just where he wants you, and to tell you what he wants you to do, and feel that you are on hand to do it" After planning we set the goal to really look for revelation during our nightly planning about a specific place where the Lord wanted us to be the next day. Later that night we did so and we had the idea to go to a neighborhood that is kind of far away. We had been close to there in the past and had not had very much success. It took us some time to get there but when we arrived we started knocking some doors and everyone was very kind, towards the end of the morning we met 2 families that are very close friends with a member that lives in the area and they both invited us to come back and teach them with their friend. They were both single mothers and were touched by our message that God loved them and their families and that they could have His love in their homes. It was a great experience. Later, on Sunday, we told the member that we had met her friends and she told us that she had recently talked to both of them about the church and that she had been praying for them. Our member was very excited and told us that she would do anything that she could to have them over to her home or to come teach with us. We know that we were sent by the spirit and that our prayers and the prayers of our member were heard. There were also some questions that were asked Are you still planning on a baptism or baptisms on May 5th? Nope, they have been pushed back but they are both still on for later in the month. Have you made any plans for when you get home? Not really, it all depends on if I get accepted to the MTC and it could also depend on when we go to bear lake because I can't miss that. What did you decide about the MTC? I am going to apply in about a month because there is a video that I have to make on a P Day for my application Mother's Day Call? I am not totally sure but I think that we will be calling from a members home and that I will be calling around 5:30 my time, which is like 9:30 utah time. If that works tell me, if not I can call a little earlier or a little later. Love you! Elder Smith

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